Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 5 cards - 2010

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Lost Galaxy 1:24
Never-before-seen archival Galaxy card art

Etched Foil Puzzle cards 1:6
Initiated with the first Galaxy set, this 6 card puzzle connects with puzzles from other Star Wars card series to create one continuous panorama

1/1 Etched Foil Originals 1:44,000
The original art by Joe Corroney broken into individual cards
All Star Wars Galaxy etc foil cards

Illustrations by Randy Martinez reproduced on silver metallic foil with
bronze, gold and 1/1 refractor parallels
Silver Foil 1:3
Bronze Foil 1:24
Gold Foil 1:47
Refractor Foil 1:17,664

Autograph cards

Binder & card

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