Unusual modern Star Wars Cards and Stickers - I do not have most of these,
all images are from ebay or friends if I do not have them.

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

- Australia - Chile - France - Germany - Israel - Italian - Japan - Korea - Mexico -
South America - Thailand - UK - USA - Unknown -

Australian 'Glow Zone' stickers etc

Australian film card set

Chilean Salo SWT:SE stickers

French Star Wars Expo promo card

Membership cards from the German Official Star Wars Fan Club

Stickers and from the German Offical Star Wars Fan Club (OSWFC)

Solid Laser boot-leg stickers, possibly German, there's pics of a B-Wing, Blockade Runner and Y-Wing

Israel SWT rare oversized 4"x6" promo sticker

Italian Kinder Surprise Cards (set of 10) - 2017

Japanese Star Wars sticker set of 20 from the Fox home video release

Japanese Star Wars stickers from Space World

Japanese Star Wars limited GE redemption cards

Japanese Mobile phone promo sticker

Japanese Pachinko stickers - Thanks to Trev for the images

Uncut sheet

Here's some more pics and info thanks to David

Japanese Lotte Bikkuriman stickers, Original Trilogy & Special Edition (2 sets of 24) - 2015

Here's some individual images

This was a mail-away for a special gold sticker

The partial text on this letter translates as
LOTTE Congratulations on winning STAR C-3PO & R2-D2 WARE Bikkuriman STAR WARS Thank you for purchasing our products. Thank you for sending us the ``Star Wars Original Sticker Present! Winning Ticket''. We have confirmed the "winning ticket" that you sent us, and we have confirmed that the prize "original" LOTTE We will send you 2 stickers). Congratulations on winning Thank you very much for your support. You won a “Star Wars Original Sticker”! Auspicious day of January 2016 Lotte Co., Ltd. CUP & R2- If so, please contact us below. Campaign Office> 0120-651-368 M9:00~PM5:00 (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) STAR WARS From Disney Japan Co., Ltd.

See here for the prequels set

Korea POG/discs sheet

Mexican Loteria set

Mexican bootleg cards & stickers

Mexican board-game pieces

Mexican postcards

South American Star Wars mini-sticker sets - maybe by Maucci

Thai Pepsi SWT:SE 4-card promo set

Thai cinema magazine

Thai calendar cards (bootleg)

UK promo card for a Star Wars fine art exhibition at the exposure gallery in London Nov-Dec 2006

UK 'The Entertainer' toy shop stickers

UK BobaMaker sticker

Any ideas what these UK cards are or were going to be ?
I have them as an un-cut sheet

UK mini vintage card backs - 'Fan Made'

UK Simpsons Star Wars postcards - non licenced !

UK SWT:SE Instant win scratch cards

UK SWT:SE scratch card

UK book promo card

UK SFX Film Cel Cards (Set of 6) (2005)

UK Bobby's Candy Sticks tattoos by World Confectionery LTD (set of 14 & 9 boxes) - 2016

Only eight are shown

UK Bobby's Candy Sticks stickers by World Confectionery LTD (set of 18 & 5 smaller boxes) - 2016

USA Mimobot stickers from C4 2007

USA 'Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition' in Boston promo, from October 2005

USA 2007 California Science Center 'Where Science meets Imagination' promos

USA 1995 Kenner stickers from the Sticker Maker set, sheet of 48

USA 1996 Pepsi sheet of stickers

USA Randy Martinez 'Chewbacca: Karoke Superstar' promo card

USA Star Wars Kids magazine sticker from 1998

USA Star Wars TW Kids 1994 promo

Star Wars bumper sticker from Code3 Collectibles

Star Wars Gentle Giant promo cards

'Fabriche' figs by Kurt S Adler promo card

Super Collector Wish Book 3rd Edition

Star Wars Trilogy Best Buy gold foil promo gift cards, US & Canadian

Star Wars Trilogy Blockbuster promo card

USA Toys R US Battlefront gift card

Star Wars Battlefront Blockbuster promo card

USA Pepsi SWT:SE promo sticker

USA promotional John Williams SWT movie soundtrack 3d cards

Wal-Mart DVD stickers

Sandaworld promo - check out the cool paintings by Tsuneo Sanda at www.sandaworld.com

Hawiian POG

USA Front and back of a Mardi Gras card showing Vader - 1998

USA Fan Made Pilot's Licence (Set of 5) 1995 - info from theswca

USA ID cards

USA SW Galaxies 30- & 60-day cards

USA Sticker sheet by Hallmark 1995

USA Promo card from the SW exhibition in San Diego

USA Book and magazine promo cards


USA Fantasma Watch cards

USA Fossil Watches

USA Civilian Justice Convention - it has a tiny pic of Dave Prowse

USA This unusual 'card' is clear

USA Sticker from Code 3 Collectables

USA Epic Duels board game

See here for more images

USA Droids Calendar Card

USA LeftCoast Graphics vintage style figure stickers - 2018?-2021?

Thanks to Cathy, I have those above. I'm missing those below, if you have any of them then please email me

I'm not sure where these are from

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

If you have any of the above cards and stickers that I don't have
or any more unusual Star Wars cards or stickers please

Many thanks to my friend David Polis for providing images and identifying a lot of these cards and stickers.

Modern Star Wars card games cane be found here

New images not yet added, are shown here, they might even get added one day !