Star Wars convention card and sticker images

A 1977 Convention near Dallas, I do not know the name

These are 11" x 14" prints by Clifford Bird; not cards but they are pretty cool.

Starfest, 1993 & 1994-1995

Thanks to Daniel and David for the above images

San Diego Convention, 1994 Cards

San Diego Convention, 1995 Star Wars Day Card

Toronto StarCon Convention - 'Men in the Masks' 1997 Cards
P1 and P2 have identical fronts, P1 is embossed, only the numbers on the back differ
I have P1, P3 signed by Peter Mayhew & P4 signed by Maria de Aragon

Many thanks to David Polis for the StarCon images; if you have the B5 card for sale/trade then please

Crescent City Con XII, 1997, New Orleans

Texas SciFi Convention, 1999 Cards

Celebration I Convention in Denver, 1999

Spanish Barnacon 2000 badges / passes

Disney Star Wars Weekends 2001, auto cards

Texas SciFi Expo July 14th-15th 2001 passes

Texas SciFi Expo May 17th-19th 2002 passes

Texas SciFi Expo July 12th-14th - pass from unknown year

Celebration II, May 3rd-5th 2002 at Indy

Dallas ComicCon, 2002 October 11-13th VIP & Speed Passes

Dallas ComicCon, April 5th & 6th 2003 Cards and SpeedPass

San Diego Con, July 17th-20th 2003 cards by www.4g-2.com

San Diego Con July, 2004 Dark Horse tattoo

These tattoos may have also been from the, San Diego Con

Promo for C3 April 2005

Dallas ComicCon, October 24th & 25th 2004 SpeedPass

Boston Super Mega Fest, Nov 2004

Star Wars Conference, Sitges, Spain, 2004 - Thanks to Belen for the images

FxShow, Orlando Expo Center, January 28th-30th 2005

The 501st Legion 'Droid Hunt' cards

'Jedi Mind Trick' card, I don't have this, the images is of the repro' from Steve Sansweet's 'The Vault'

Star Wars Celebration IV & Celebration Europe Droid Hunt promos
There are more 501st Legion cards here

Rebel Legion cards & tattoo - thanks to Steve for this one

Target Darth Vader key card from Celebration 3 (2005)

Star Wars Celebration at Celebration 3 Convention Saturday ticket (2005)

Star Wars Celebration III Vader promo card

Star Wars Celebration Niub Niub's Universe diorama cards and sticker (2005)

Star Wars San Diego Comic Con Fanboy TV promo card

Cingular promo card Sandiego Con 2005

French Star Wars Reunion passes, Paris 2005 - thanks to Belen for these

French Star Wars Reunion II passes, Paris 2007 - thanks Michael to for these

USA 2006 Star Wars Master Replicas Comic Con promo card

Ohio Star Wars Collector Club (OSWCC)

UK 2013 www.allthecoolstuff.co.uk 'Farthest from' Star Wars Vintage Toy Collector Gathering

2009 DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) cards

There are also these pages:

Mexican convention passes
Star Wars Celebration 1 (Denver) (1999) passes
Star Wars Celebration 2 (Indiana) (2002) passes
Star Wars Celebration 3 (Indiana) (2005) passes
Star Wars Celebration 4 (Los Angeles) (2007) passes and other items
Star Wars Celebration Europe (London) (2007) passes and other items
UK, 2007 Norwich, Star Wars Fan Club Celebration Europe cards
Star Wars Celebration Japan (Tokyo) (2008) passes and other items
USA 2007-9 Dallas Comic Con Star Wars Fan Day autograph and sketch cards
Star Wars Celebration 5 (Orlando) (2010) passes and other items
Star Wars Celebration 6 (Orlando) (2012) passes and other items
Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 (Essen) (2013) passes and other items
USA Star Wars Chicagoland Collectors' Expo cards

Some of the above images are from www.ebay.com

If you have any more of these please

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