Star Wars Celebration Europe 1, London 2007 card and sticker images


These are by San Francisco designer and art director named Matt Dong and are my favouite celebration passes

Ralph McQuarrie bookmarks

Promo postcards

USA VividVision 3d/flip image postcards by Mello Smello - more pics here

All of these could also be bought as large posters.
The image of Chancellor Palpatine & Anakin Skywalker flips to one of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader
I'm still trying to get the ESB poster

UK Rebel Legion cards

Complimentary ticket

Celebration Europe sticker

Some of the above images are from www.ebay.com

I'm missing the bookmark showing Ralph with a pot of paint, if you have any of these please

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Here's some photos from my trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe, London (2007)