They are all a mystery to me but I do have the cards/stickers with red borders

Any ideas what this vintage
Mexican card is ?

Any ideas what these (probably US) boot-leg cards are ?

Some of these appear to be Japanese wallet cards, but not all,
any ideas about the others which might be from iron-on transfers ?

Any ideas what these UK cards are or were going to be ?
I have them as an un-cut sheet

Any ideas where these 2000 calendar cards are from ? Maybe South America as the text is in Spanish

Any ideas where these playing cards are from ?

Any ideas where this trivia/quiz card is from ?

M&Ms promo cards - any ideas which country ? It's somewhere in Asia but I don't know where!

Unknown card images from my friend Daniel

Unknown Celebration 5 card by Jamie Snell, image from my friend Szabi

Unknown Clone Wars sticker set, any ideas ?

Unknown vintage 'fan-made' ID cards ?

Many thanks to Shane Turgeon for the images

Unknown Imperial Star Destoyer card, it's a bit smaller than a trading card and back is blank

1980 ESB Llucasfilm Factors Inc "Vending foil set", these might be bootleg, do you know any more?

I have the cards/stickers with red borders.
If you have any of the above cards and stickers that I don't have,
info on their origins or any more unusual Star Wars cards or stickers please