UK Walkers Tazos and Force Cards - (1997) set of 50 Tazos & 8 Force cards

UK Tazos, set of 50; #s 40-49 are rare as they were only in packs of Doritos

Force Cards, set of 8, one per album

UK Album, approx A5 size

UK R2-D2 Tazo box

This was one of 500 prizes which could be won when scratching the back off some of the Force Cards,
not those shown above, there is another type - I don't have any of them.

Backs of UK, Polish and Tawianese/Chinese Tazos

Polish album, approx A4 size

Taiwanese/Chinese album, approx A5 size and slammers - thanks to Wai for these

UK 'mega tazos' - these are about 6" diameter and are really shop adverts.

UK Tazo 'dangler'

See www.starwarscards.net for more Chinese information
See www.starwarscards.net for more Polish information
Thanks to Cathy for the force card images

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