USA West End Games RPG cards - (1990s)

The "Introductory Adventure game" boxed set - 1987

The "Lords of the Expanse" boxed set - 1997

The "Darkstryder Campaign" boxed set - 1995

The "Instant Adventures" set - 1997

The "Tapani Sector Instant Adventures" set - 1997

The "Crisis on Cloud City" set - 1989

Sabacc cards


See these sites:
www.pagat.com, www.swagonline.com, drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu & starwars.wikia.com
for the Sabacc rules

The "Stock Ships" set - 1997

The "Platt's Smugglers Guide" set - 1997

Many thanks to John Polidore for some of the above cards image and
to Phil Schorr & Daniel Skowronski for the info
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