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Waddingtons Top Trumps Spacecraft - (1982) (set of 32)

Here's a pic of the other cards in the set and two from the German equivilant set

Here's the title, the two SW cards and the back from the Danish equivilant set

The title card says:
The new series, Supertrumps, Vini quartetgame in space spaceships & travels in the future with a red and yellow trumpscard

Other cards say:
1A - Battle Spaceship Imperial Space Destroyer Feared space battleship performing dictatorial plans in space.
11B - Space fighters Angry Falcons This one of its kind in space unique battleship, mainly self constructed by the commander may when in danger be breaking the time-wall in Hyper-Space.

Many thanks to Michael for the images and translations

USA Parker Bros Star Wars Top Trumps - (set of 31 & bonus Aurra Sing) (2003)



Top Trumps Star Wars Tournament - (boxed set six packs) (2010)

The set contains the above cards in the 'Top 30 Moments' pack

European mini-Top Trumps from Kinder Maxi C-3P0 head (set of 50) (2015)
48 cards to play with & two rules cards

Italian mini-Top Trumps from Kinder Maxi (set of 60) (2016/2017)

UK Top Trumps 'Specials' - (set of 30) (2004)

Bonus cards for pre-ordering the Trilogy DVD box set from MVC in the UK

Bonus cards from Celebration IV in LA, Bonus 'Super-Top-Trump' from the UK Top Trumps fan club &
US SWFC Rancor card
French cards

Here's some cards from the Spanish set

Here's some cards from the German set

UK Top Trumps Episodes I-III - (set of 30) (2005)

Bonus 'Super-Top-Trump' from the Top Trumps fan club and 'Super-Top-Trumps' from Celebration IV in LA

There is also a three-card promo set from Germany - many thanks to Paul for the cards

The Klon Pilot is from the German K-Club, Nute Gunray is from the US FC set

Here's are some cards from the Turkish and Spanish sets

Here's the French set - many thanks to Michael Lejeune for the images

UK Top Trumps Rise of the Bounty Hunters (set of 30) (2010)

UK 2012 Episode 1 3d - set of 30

The above small images are from the TopTrumps site

German 20?? Episode 2 - set of 30

German 20?? Episode 3 - set of 30

2012 Death Star tin set many thanks to www.starwars-universe.com for the images

Zam & Sebulba were previously Super Top Trumps in the UK/US
IG-88 & Teebo were previously Super Top Trumps in the Germany

UK Top Trumps Starships 2006

Back of cards, Super Star Destroyer 'Super-Top-Trump' from Germany, TIE Interceptor from the US FC &
German Millennium Falcon

German Starships set from theRevell advent calendar - 2008

UK Top Trumps Clone Wars specials

UK Top Trumps The Clone Wars - 2008

From the German set

UK Movie Stars Top Trumps from FilmFlex 2001

'Ultimate' Top Trumps Black pack from PLAYADAY.COM, there is only one Star Wars card in the pack of 30

US Super Top Trumps Cards from Star Wars Insider magazine

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Rogue One - 2016

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Rebels - 2016

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Episodes 1-3 & 4-6 - 2016

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Episode 7, The Force Awakens - 2016

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Episode 8, The Last Jedi - 2017

UK WinningMoves Top Trumps Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker - 2019

UK WinningMovesTop Trumps Quiz with a TwistGame, 500 Questions on 100 cards - 2016

UK Winning Moves Top Toys from Top Trumps Tournament, 30 cards including a lightsaber - 2009

The set also includes a Star Wars pack

Argentinean 'Retro Universe' 'Top Trumps' style cards 30 cards, 3 have Star Wars images

See here for the non-SW images

UK Robots and Cyborgs 'fan-made' Battle Game, probably 2004 or later (I, Robot)

There's more information and an image of all the cards on www.ultimate-top-trumps.co.uk,
they were made by Alex Frith, does anyone know him ? Please contact me if you do.

Thanks to John Polidore for a lot of the images,
There's lots more Top Trumps info at
www.toptrumps.com, www.toptrumps.wikia.com & www.ultimate-top-trumps.co.uk
See www.rebelscum.com for more images