Cards from non-Star Wars Themed sets

I do not have most of these,
all images are from ebay or friends if I do not have them.

The checklists are from from Jeff Allender's House of Cards

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

Topps Giant movie pin-ups 1981 (set of 12)

See www.starwarscards.net for a full checklist

Topps Garbage Pail Kids - 1985

Belgian 2"x2 3/4" 1980s Joepie (small run Belgian Music/Celebrity magazine) sticker of Harrison Ford

Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Club Obi Wan

Topps Indiana Heritage - Club Obi Wan

French "La Vache qui rit" ROTJ sticker - by Fromagerie Bel - 1984
There are eighteen movie-poster stickers in this set, only one is SW-related.

Here's some more from the set, I have none so the images aren't 'great' !

Thanks to Franck for the first one

From Tim and Greg Hilderbrandt's card sets, 1994 & 1996

Troy Aikman #625 (Oct '97) and Ivan Rodriguez #840 (Oct '99) Halloween cards from the Sports Illustrated Kids set
Here's a great checklist

From the Jim Henson's Muppet Trading set of 60 by Cardz, 1993 - checklist

From the Classic Toys set of 66 by That's Entertainment, 1993 - checklist

Portuguese Harrison Ford calendar cards (1993)

Star Tours, in the Disneyland Collectors Series - 1990 (set of 41)

See here for more info

Front of a card from the Italian Supercinema set (by Due Emme 1995)

From the Acker Monsters Classic cards by Dynacomm - 1992 (set of 225)

Many thanks to John Polidore for the above images

Set # Description Date
#1 137 Photos of some of the cast of 'Star Wars' Sep '77
#1 177 Yoda (ESB) & Christopher Reeve (Superman II) photos Sep '71
#2 165 Photo the Empire Strikes Back Jul '80 Have
#2 167 Photos the Empire Strikes Back Sep '80 Have
#2 174 Photos from the Empire Strikes Back Jun '81 Have
#3 148 Poster art Darth Vader Oct '78 Have
#3 151 Photos of Superman, LOTR Ralph Bakshi. Batt., SW toys Mar '79 Have
#4 166 Empire Strikes Back 3 photos Aug '80 Have
#5 190 The Empire Strikes Back poster Jan '83
#5 138 R2-D2 by Don Maitz Oct '77
#5 139 Darth Vader & C-3PO being footprinted, Mann's Theatre Dec '77
#5 142 Darth Vader (head shot) photo Apr '78
#5 147 Tusken Raider by Basil Gogos Sep '78

Uncut sheets

Magazines with corresponding cards

Series checklists 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 from Jeff Allender

Sketch cards by Warren Martineck

USA From Team Blockbuster by Blockbuster Video, set of 50, 1993 checklist

USA From William Stout's "Lost Worlds" by Comic Images, set of 90, 1993 checklist

USA Front and back of the Married with Children promo card by Now! Comics
Many thanks to Szabi and Larry for the images and the card!

From the Grolier Story of America 4" x 6" card set of 2600 cards, 1994-2001

A Star Trek card from the same series

See www.atlaspicturecards.com for more information

From 1980 US Educational Insights set

Spanish Jim Henson's Pequencos AKA Muppet Babies - set of 200, 1985

The above images are from todocoleccion.net, those below showing the cards with Star Wars images are from Javier

He said, The "Pequenecos" cartoon TV show was very popular in Spain and, of course, it had the proper cards collection. Cards number 137 to 154 featured the characters performing a Star Wars story recorded in a video for the Nanny.
Here's the episode of Muppet Babies on YouTube.com, I've not been able to find it in Spanish

#178 from the Spanish MIX 92 - set of 216, 1992

Spanish Software Collection Stickers and an album, three have Star Wars images, set of 150, 1990

Spanish Techno Accion Cards and an album, three have Star Wars images, set of 194, 1977

Spanish Video Guay 140+ Cards and an album - 3 have Star Wars images - 1984

USA Starline Hollywood Walk of Fame 250 Cards, 1 has a Star Wars actor's image (Billy Dee Williams) - 1991

From Blender Magazine's SW vs. ST edition postcard

From www.sillycds.com

This is a promo from the Galaxy Goons set by www.nostalgicards.com
Images of more cards with SW images are shown here

From a UK BBC Tomorrow's World Magazine (1998), one shows C-3PO

Cards from German Limit magazine, three have SW images

Limit sticker sheet and cards

Cards from German Kino magazine

Carrie Fisher card from a German magazine, I don't know which

#38 from South Park by Comic Images, set of 70, 1998 checklist

Robots sketch cards
SK-5 by Chad Frye #245 of 515 & SK-7 by Jeff Zugale #405 of 501

Family Guy sketch cards
SK1 by Tome Rodriguez of Stewie as Darth Vader
SK5 by Mark Dos Santos of Lois as Princess Leia
SK11 by Matt Wendt Guy Chris & Stewie as Darth Vader
Leia & Jabba by Scott Houseman
I don't know the artist of the poster sketch

Brian Kong Family Guy sketches

Star Wars themed Family Guy card FT7 from the Griffin Family Tree insert set

The Family Guy Star Wars Blue Harvest, Something, Something, Something Dark Side & It's A Trap sets are shown here

USA Topps Chronicles Set of 52, 2005
TC20 card for the Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith charity premiere

US Directors series including George Lucas (2007-D2) from www.miniprints.net (2007)

US Who's Who card game Harrison Ford card as 'Hans Solo' #91 - by Cadaco in 1986

Star Wars cards from the US Picture Pursuit card game

USA Disney D23 Expo Trading Card Quest (set of 30) - 2015

Face To Face card game by Canada Games 1993

UK Argos Battle Deck cards (Set of 32) 1997

US Topps 75th Anniversary cards (Set of 100) (2013)

UK Sainsbury's Heroes Cards (Set of 144, 36 have SW images) 2019

Regular cards which are free have blue backs, those with yellow backs could be bought

UK Sainsbury's Heroes on a Mission Cards (Set of 144, 36 have SW images) 2021

Many thanks to Mark Howard for the Star Wars images above
Regular cards which are free have blue backs, those with yellow backs could be bought
The Complete 144 card set - image from ebay

USA Limited Run Games cards

I only have #s 48, 51 & 95

Any ideas where this playing card is from ?

Any ideas where this trivia/quiz card is from ?

I have the cards/stickers with red borders

The checklists are from from Jeff Allender's House of Cards

If you have any of the above cards and stickers that I don't have
or any more unusual Star Wars cards or stickers please

Many thanks to my friend David Polis for providing images and identifying a lot of these cards and stickers.

New Themed images not yet added, are shown here, they might even get added one day !