Topps Japanese Star Wars cards (1977) (Set of 36) released by Yamakatsu Corporation

The cards are not numbered, the image #s are simply the order in which I scanned them








The regular backs look like this ...

however some backs look like this,

  they are winning cards, there were two ways to get the cards. Trading packs containing 4 cards were distributed to large retailers and chain stores. In addition to the trading packages, small booklets containing 33 sleeves with a single card in each sleeve were distributed to small Mom and Pop candy stores throughout Japan. For 20 yen, kids could open up one of the sleeves and receive a card. Hidden among these sleeves were winning cards...they had the exact same front as the regular vintage card, but had "You Won!!" printed in red ink (in Japanese) on that back. Kids that picked the winning cards were allowed to open an additional sleeve and get another card.
These winning cards seem to be quite rare.

Here's a couple of images of the cards in the rack-pack

Thanks to Cathy's friend Jeffrey Strain for the above information and winning card image

My friend Kev's pages show more of the backs

There is also a much rarer set of mini-cards (approx 3"x2", the regular cards are approx 3.5"x5" ) with extra images, or images cropped and shown portrait instead of landscape, any more info or even cards would be greatly apprciated.

Here's images of 28 of them, thanks to Tatoys

And some more from Javier, I now have all of these non-photo cards

And an even rarer set of larger cards !
So far we know of four, here the front and back of two and the bag it came in,
these were prize cards. Thanks to Larry for these images


This shows a complete box of the cards

Card holders, I have these

If you have any of more info about these, or even small art cards to sell/trade, please