Unusual Star Wars Sequels (E7, E8 & E9) cards, stickers etc

Episode 7, The Force Awakens - 2015

Peruvian Gloria cards, (set of 6?) 2015

Thanks to Mark Howard for these images

USA Entertainment Weekly Episode 7 The Force Awakens virtual retro-style 'cards' (set of 8) 2015

See www.ew.com for more info & www.beckett.com for more info on non-virtual versions of these cards

USA General Mills The Force Awakens Cereal Tattoos (set of 6) 2015

Episode 8, The Last Jedi - 2017

Italian Kinder Magnetic sticker cards (set of 10) - 2017

USA Dole The Last Jedi fruit stickers (set of 12) - 2017

Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker - 2019

European Bon Bon Buddies Fruiticles 60 disks, 12 stickers and a game sheet - 2017

Stickers & Games Sheet

Here is an really bad image of those that I have and my wants !

Mexican FUD Snax cards, (set of 10) - 2019

Thanks to Mark Howard for these images; there is also Chewbacca, a First Order Trooper, Rey and another.

UK Topps The Rise of Skywalker, 99 Basic Cards, inserts, LEs, patches and tins - 2019

General Mills The Rise of Skywalker Tattoos (set of 6) 2019

I'm missing Kylo Ren and D-0

US McDonalds stickers and game cards sheet (set of 10) - 2019

New Sequels images not yet added are shown here, they might even get added one day !