Vintage Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Perk-Up, puffy and regular stickers

Bootleg Star Wars stickers from Argentina/Japan

Bootleg Space Wars stickers, made in Hong Kong

Bootleg Star Stickers by Imperial Toy Corporation, made in Hong Kong

The images of the individual stickers from vending machines are from www.swseller.com - thanks James

USA Star Wars

USA The Empire Strikes Back

Bootleg The Empire Strikes Back

Bootleg Return of the Jedi

Bootleg Return of the Jedi 'Fluffy Adorable' stickers from Taiwan
the images are taken from licenced bookmarks

USA Ewoks from Return of the Jedi

USA Return of the Jedi

The back says 'collect all six', they are the six shown above.

The set shown to the right of the back has two stormies instead of a stormie and an AT-ST

USA Ralph McQuarrie ROTJ stickers

USA Return of the Jedi sticker reinforcements

Australia / New Zealand Return of the Jedi puffy stickers by Crystal Craft

German Return of the Jedi stickers

Swiss stickers sheets by Dufner and Cie

More info from theswca.com, many thanks to Duncan Jenkins for identifying them

US Return of the Jedi shiny stickers

If you know of any more of these please