General Mills Star Wars Cards from 1977

Wallet to keep the cards, oddly there's not enough pages for a full set of cards !

General Mills punch-out Star Wars toys from 1977

General Mills American Star Wars 'character stick-on' stickers from 1977
Coco Puffs
Lucky Charms
These were printed by a company called ADPAC and are sometimes called ADPAC stickers
Thanks to Chris Fawcett for identifying which cereals they came from

General Mills Canadian Star Wars stickers from 1977
The yellow and purple sets are much rarer

Here's a couple of ultra rare un-cut sheet images from Ronnie (bullrock7) at www.ebay.com

There's a really good Empire Strikes Back 'homage' set by the DCSWCC which were available at C5 See www.starwarscards.net for more information

There is also a set of Battlestar Galactica stickers, images are shown here