Star Wars USA Topps Galactic Files 2 cards - 2013

Here's some early info from www.becket.com and from www.topps.com

The most comprehensive Star Wars trading card set is back with Galactic Files Series 2!
The 350 card base set returns with Characters, Weapons, Planets and Places.

Basic Cards 351-699

Classic Lines CL1-CL10

The Weak Minded WM1-WM7

Honor of the Fallen HF1-HF10

Ripples in the Galaxy RG1-RG10

Galactic Moments GM1-GM20

Sketch cards

Medallion relics


Dual autographs

Printing plates

Images and more info will be added ASAP

See here for Galactic Files series 1

All the images arefrom www.ebay.com