Star Wars Saga Force Attax cards Series 1 - (2012)

Basic cards 1-192

Star Foil Cards 193-212

Power Up Foil Cards 213-224

Force Master Cards 225-240


Limited Edition (LE1-LE6) and LEGO L1 cards

The LE3 (Luke Skywalker) was a prize in a German Force Attax league, there are only 900

LE2 and LE4 cards were found in the Micky Maus Magazine in Germany. The LE2 was in it twice, but the LE4 was only once and is much rarer

Tin, only available in Germay

See here for more info from www.toppsdirect.com

I only have LE5 (Darth Maul from the binder) & L5 The LEGO Darth Maul

Many, many thanks to Simon from www.mad4collectables.com for the chase images

to Michael Lejeune for the Limited Edition images and to Phil Schorr for info on the LE cards

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