Hungarian Star Wars Bootleg Cards - (1999?) set of 25

Here's the rules for two games, thanks for Szabi
Memory game: This game is quite simple and is played without the single 'ace' card. All the cards to be laid face-down on a table. Players have to pick up 2 cards. If these cards form a pair, the person who picked them up has to keep them. If these cards are not a pair, they have to be put back face-down on the table where they were before picking. In the latter case, players have to keep in mind which card is exactly where, so when they have the turn, they could pick the pairs up. The point, of course, is collecting the most pairs, so the winner is whoever has the most pairs.
Fekete Péter (Peter Black) Every player picks up 5 cards. If you have a pair, you can put it down. When everybody has put down their pairs, players start drawing cards from the remaining stack of cards, which are of course facing down. If you have got a new pair, you can again put that down. When the stack is gone, players start drawing from each other. You have to keep drawing from the person next to you and then that person next to you draws from the person next to them, until it goes full circle. Players have to keep their pairs until the end of the game. The loser is the one who has Peter Black (the single 'ace' card that has no pair).

If you have any more of these please

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