Star Wars Action Master Cards

From The Kenner POTF2 4-Pack

From The Hasbro Action Masters 4-Pack

From The Kenner POTF2 6-Pack - Thanks to David Polis for these scans

From The Hasbro Action Masters 6-Pack

From The Hasbro singles



From the 1997 Hong Kong Kenner 12" figure three-pack - the image is from www.ebay.com

Here's a very useful check-list which came from Brian

Kenner POTF2 4-pack:
511819-00 Princess Leia Organa (Star Wars scene) (AM 4 pack)
511820-00 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars) (AM 4 pack)
515862-00 R2-D2 (on Dagobah) (AM 4 pack)
Kenner POTF2 6-pack:
523290.00 Han Solo (same scene as first card - different coloring) (POTF 6 pack)
523291.00 Chewbacca (close-up) (POTF 6 pack)
523292.00 Stormtrooper (3 troopers) (POTF 6 pack)
523293.00 Boba Fett (ESB scene) (POTF 6 pack)
523294.00 Darth Vader (in carbon chamber) (POTF 6 pack)
523295.00 Luke Skywalker (ESB scene)(POTF 6 pack)
Action Masters 4-pack:
523296.00 Princess Leia Organa (SW scene) (POTF 4 pack)
523297.00 Obi-Wan Kenobi (publicity shot)(POTF 4 pack)
523298.00 R2-D2 (cloud city)(POTF 4 pack)
523299.00 C-3PO (entering cantina) (POTF 4 pack)
Action Masters 6-pack:
509996-00 Darth Vader (from carbon chamber) (AM 6 pack)
509997-00 Stormtroopers (3 troopers firing weapons) (AM 6 pack)
509998-00 Boba Fett (ESB scene) (Action Masters 6 pack)
511821-00 Han Solo (SW scene) (AM 6 pack)
515859-00 Chewbacca (close-up) (AM 6 pack)
515860-00 Luke Skywalker (ESB scene) (AM 6 pack)
Single packs:
509218-01 Darth Vader (reaching out to Luke) (AM single pack)
509221-01 Luke Skywalker (duel with Vader) (AM single pack)
509223-01 C-3PO (in control room) (AM single pack)
509225-01 R2-D2 (in Cloud City) (AM single pack)
509227-01 Stormtroopers (2 troopers firing weapons) (AM single pack)

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